Affinity Water

Bespoke app enabling Affinity Water to measure and achieve water saving targets.

Affinity Water: streamlining processes with an app

Affinity Water is the largest water only supplier in the UK, supplying water for more than 130 years. Affinity Water deliver more than 940 million litres of high-quality drinking water to over 3.5 million customers, each day. Affinity Water approached Red C to help measure and achieve water saving targets with a mobile app.


As a result of a new government-led initiative, water companies are now encouraging customers to save water. In order to achieve water saving targets, Affinity Water (through their contractor PN Daly) approached Red C to optimise the efficiency of their processes. With a relatively small team to book and perform the 'Home Water Savings Checks' and a large number of properties to visit each day, the necessity to save time per job and create an efficient system was clearly communicated by the client.

Firstly, Red C implemented a web-based administration portal to schedule installer appointments. Then we developed an iPad app allowing staff to book appointments, carry out home water saving checks and calculate the amount of water being saved. Additionally, we designed a system to sync all data to a central database and visualise Key Performance Indicators via a dashboard in the web-based administration portal.



Companies with staff working remotely on the field have found mobile apps revolutionary. Paper admin is a thing of the past and bespoke apps enable workers to efficiently record information, while working on site. The information captured on the app is then delivered back to staff based at the head office in real time and stored safely in the backend. The introduction of a mobile app has optimised efficiency, connected departments, and provided Affinity Water with accessibility to valuable analytical insights at the click of a button.


The web-based administration portal features a Booking Calendar, allowing Affinity Water to view which installers are available at any given time of the day to assign jobs accordingly. The calendar has reduced administration time and has enabled the company to effectively coordinate a large workforce.

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  • Schedule appointments
  • Assign jobs in the backend (booking calendar)
  • Automatic SMS to remind customers of their appointment
  • 'Accept' or 'Reject' job
  • Log information including products installed
  • Summary of your water savings
  • Complex statistics and reporting
  • High volume secure database

If you need a solution for something, Red C will come up with great options. They're good at communicating the details so everybody understands what's going on.

Darta Jace, Contract Manager
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