Air Translator

An iOS app connecting travellers with translators, anytime, anywhere via an integrated chat.

Air Translator: breaking language barriers

Air Translator is a mobile translation service which connects users with translators worldwide. The app provides two separate logins, one for translators and another for customers to set up their personal user profiles. Users can book an interpretation within the app choosing from over 3,900 linguists across more than 70 countries, offering over 43 languages in entirety.


Air Translator sought to solve an issue faced by many individuals who enjoy travelling abroad or who are travelling for business purposes by enabling them to connect their individual or business needs to professional and trusted linguists providing high-quality interpretation services in real-time.

Red C helped Air Translator build a new and instantaneous way of receiving translation and interpretation directly, and on the go. User's can select the language they wish to be interpreted by the linguist and their native language, after this users can search for a translator who best suits their needs and then get in contact with the translator, calling them in the app or sending a text or image in the chat function. The app enables users to save their favourite linguists in their personal user profile for quicker future access.

For individuals who travel frequently for business, the app enables such individuals to book business events taking place abroad within the app, helping businesses and individuals stay on top of industry trends and helping to build an international brand image.



Red C created engaging and user friendly designs. We used the Twilio service to facilitate real-time calls, messaging and picture messaging within the app, all the while working within the client's existing brand guidelines.


Air Translator has received a very positive public response as users call it an 'awesome app' that is extremely helpful, particularly for those who frequently travel abroad for business and need a direct way to book business events or resolve business queries by consulting a linguist who can communicate in the local language.

  • Translators can create a profile, upload certification and set their cost per minute
  • Users can search for translators (based on language, location and expertise)
  • A featured page includes selected translators chosen by admin
  • Translation happens over a live chat, which features: image sharing, voice note recording and direct calls
  • App features PayPal integration for payment

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