The Alice IOT solution provides businesses with total transparency and visibility with end to end tracking and parcel level visibility

ALICE IOT: Intuitive Cross-Border Parcel Transit

ALICE IOT is a leading technology company in the cross-border e-commerce space. The ALICE IOT platform and protocol allows a parcel to intuitively find the optimum route to its recipient through a global, digitally integrated, peer-to-peer network of carriers and intelligent routing nodes.


ALICE IOT reached out as an established business, but required a development team to work alongside their internal team to finish building their Google Cloud solution.

Following a team augmentation approach, we provided development expertise in Google Cloud to develop and support the ALICE IOT solution. ALICE IOT is a leading global eCommerce solution creating the most efficient and sustainable use of transit resources.


We implemented a team augmentation strategy in our approach to development, involving the team becoming part of ALICE IOT’s internal team in order to fulfil the development roadmap; working in direct collaboration.

The ALICE IOT client system initially ran on parcel sorting machines and accurately measured weight and parcel dimensions based on a unique barcodes per parcel.

We worked with ALICE IOT to extract new parcel weights and dimensions from this database and load them into a central Cloud Spanner instance which already existed in a GCP environment.

Once these weights and dimensions were updated in Spanner, a daily process extracts parcel data based on a unique ID (the barcode) and provides a JSON/XML extract for ALICE’s customers, streamlining and enhancing the process.

> ALICE IOT intuitively selects the optimal routing based on parcel characteristics and available capacity in the network.

> The solution delivers total transparency and visibility with completely joined up, single-source data in one place.

> End to end tracking and parcel level visibility

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