The app is the winner of the 2014 UK App Design Awards, in the 'Not For Profit'.

Barnardo's wanted to create a captivating, interactive Windows/iOS/Android app that addresses a sensitive topic and encourages the safety of children using real life scenarios. The app was also to allow users to share their interactive outcome via social media.

Barnardo's Charity App - Winner of UK App Design Awards

Red C held two workshops in order to brainstorm the most effective ways to help children online. The result of which was to incorporate interactive, real-life stories and commission an illustrator to create the visual scenarios relevant to the target audience.

The app aims to educate young people about behaviour that could put them at risk of being sexually exploited.

"Unique app that gives great advice about a very difficult subject. Illustrations are excellent." - User Review

Through the use of illustrated, interactive stories, the app raises awareness and demonstrates how young people can make safer decisions when vulnerable online.

The app launched in late April 2014 in all app stores, and is receiving significant press and media attention.

Red C are proud to announce that the 'Wud U' app is the official winner of the 2014 UK App Design Awards in the 'Not For Profit' category.

See this app in action:

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