The UK’s first interactive aid to assist site workers when managing asbestos-contaminated materials on-site, helping to widen accessibility to good practice and improve safety on-site.

CIRIA: asbestos site aid app

The asbestos site aid has been developed for CIRIA (the Construction Industry Research and Information Association) a neutral, independent and not-for-profit body whose work addresses industry issues, challenges and opportunities to provide business and delivery improvement, CIRIA's asbestos site aid app guides workers through the steps to follow once suspected asbestos in soil has been found and provides good practice guidance and advice on the steps to take when asbestos is found; accessible from your smartphone.


Asbestos is known to cause serious health effects (including mesothelioma and lung cancer) when inhaled. Asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) were widely used in construction. Poor disposal practices, demolition and other anthropogenic processes have resulted in asbestos often being present in the ground particularly on brownfield sites. Guidance on asbestos found in soil is documented in a number of reports. These reports are not easily accessible to ground workers and site staff, CIRIA, and its funding partners acknowledged that more needed to be done to improve accessibility to asbestos good practice guidance to protect many of the 2.2 million construction professionals in the UK who are 'on the front line'.

Ciria decided that a mobile app would be an engaging and interactive alternative to paper-based guides and reports to assist ground workers with dealing with potential asbestos contaminated materials on construction sites. The project was spearheaded by leading industry experts and asbestos specialists to address current issues surrounding the lack of accessibility to guidance for site workers to help drive the industry forward and protect workers.

The project is a natural evolution of CIRIA's series of projects and activities to promote good practice for managing asbestos from soil and will be supported by the CIRIA report; 'Asbestos in soil and made ground good practice site guide' and other relevant guidance documents to help those who encounter suspected asbestos in soils on-site, to continue working safely, wherever possible.



Red C worked with CIRIA and their stakeholders to design a user friendly journey that would allow authorised users to easily identify asbestos on-site.


As the app was designed for engineers on-site/remote working, the app needed to be quick and easy to access on-site. Subsequently, the ease and efficiency offered through the functionality was the most important element of the design process and the user interface was kept clean, minimal and simple.

We worked with the project stakeholders to perfect the content included in the app as it was fundamental that the copy complied with industry regulations and was approved by all of the project stakeholders.


The Red C team built a backend system that Ciria are able to control and monitor to ensure that access to the app is only offered to authorised site engineers, approved by the specialists.

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  • Users can login via email
  • Training level information on how to use the guide
  • Off-site gallery of asbestos contaminated areas
  • Access to relevant documents and help guides
  • Ability to send reports
  • Ability to categorise the type of asbestos found on site
  • Reporting checklist whilst on-site

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