Re-design of Core's product management platform to replace an outdated legacy system that was difficult to use and maintain.

Core: internal product management platform

Core is the UK’s leading supplier of pre-paid SIMs and mobile accessories. The company now pride themselves on offering ‘telecoms solutions through innovation'. Core approached Red C to take over the development of their internal SIM and product management platform.


Core's existing legacy system was outdated as well as difficult to manage and maintain and thus, Core was in need of a dedicated development partner to re-design their existing platform and provide on-going technical support.

Red C proposed a long-term scheme of works which involved a full-time team to design and manage a new version of Core’s existing platform. We proposed adhering to agile methodology to gradually upgrade the system, whilst improving the functionality.



Red C worked with Core’s in-house team during an internal hand-over phase to understand their existing system architecture and business processes. Through a series of meetings we identified a road-map of upgrades required, and mapped out a timeline of delivery based on two-week sprints. Our development team worked on-site at Core’s office to gain a better understanding of the business requirements and integrate with their internal business team.

The Red C team committed to a series of new feature roll-outs including a credit management system. Red C also took responsibility for all support and maintenance issues for the system with a dedicated support team.


Our dedicated team are committed to managing and maintaining Core’s ‘Dial -a-Code’ mobile application in addition to Core’s web application.

  • E-commerce
  • Customer Login
  • Credit control
  • Order management
  • Invoicing
  • Discounts and rewards

Dial-a-Code mobile app:

  • International dialling/calls (using
    the Dial-a-Code keypad)
  • Direct access to your personal contacts

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