Digitised internal processes with an iPad app for field staff, creating a sweet spot for the client to win future contracts.

Ductclean are the country’s leading Ventilation Hygiene, Ductwork cleaning and Asbestos Remediation specialists. They approached Red C to find a solution to their increasingly inefficient paper based system.

Ductclean iPad App for field staff

Red C designed and developed an app which digitised Ductclean’s previously paper based system. The creation of an easily accessible backend system enables the client to directly upload content to the app.

The app allows supervisors to record the whole job process on an iPad whilst on site. Here, they can: accept or reject jobs, check in and out, fill out the necessary documents and upload images.

A vastly improved system for both Ductclean and their clients. The app has created an asset management system, which has not only greatly improved the efficiency of the business, but has played a crucial role in securing new clients.

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