Red C digitised Ductclean's internal processes with an iPad app for field staff, creating a sweet spot for the client to win future contracts.

Ductclean is the country’s leading Ventilation Hygiene, Ductwork cleaning and Asbestos Remediation Specialists. They approached Red C to find a solution to their increasingly inefficient paper-based system.

Ductclean iPad App for field staff

‍Red C designed and developed a suite of mobile apps which digitised Ductclean’s previously paper-based systems. Red C created a user-friendly backend that enables administrators to manage and schedule tasks. Any site information that is uploaded to the backend is updated in real time and automatically shared with development supervisors.

Field staff can accept or reject a job, get directions to the site, and check in once they have arrived. The check in and check out times are recorded in the backend so it is easy for supervisors to monitor the amount of time spent on each project.

When on site, field staff can fill out all the necessary forms, such as health and safety, customer feedback, work permits etc. via the app.

They can also view any documentation such as site surveys, and upload images of maintenance work that has taken place. The image below shows a screenshot of a site daily diary form.

In the backend, administrators can view a dashboard showing an overview of all job status’. The dashboard also flags up any issues that may need to be dealt with. A vastly improved system for both Ductclean and their clients. The app has created a full job management system, which has not only greatly improved the efficiency of the business but has played a crucial role in securing new clients who love the transparency of work.

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