Gift of Giving

Gift of Giving is a charitable giving app that enables users to post a “need” (money/item/service) so others can give generously towards their cause.

Gift of Giving facilitates the disintermediation of charities from the giving process by creating a personal relationship between the giver and receiver. The app encourages users to share their story behind their need, creating a narrative behind the giving process and a personal experience for both parties. Once the receiver’s need has been met, they must share feedback with the giver to update them on what their money went towards.


Discovery & User Flow

In the initial Discovery phase, we aim to understand the overall user journey without getting caught up in specific details regarding app content and visual design.


After the first set of wireframes, we realised there would need to be more fluid communication between giver and receiver, so after some design iterations, this led to the inclusion of messaging functionality, primarily to enable the two parties to discuss the need being met in an alternative way.


Invision prototype

Having digitalised the wireframes, we create an interactive prototype to demonstrate the relationship between the screens and the core functionality of the product. This gives you a chance to experience using the product at an early stage and allows you to give regular feedback as the designs are updated in real time, in InVision.

Once the wireframes have been approved by the client, we begin applying the user interface design guide to them. This brings the branding through into the app ranging from the chosen colours, fonts and logos. During the application of the user interface guidelines, we update InVision regularly to gather client feedback. Once the designs have been signed off by the client we hand over to our developers to get started on the code.

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