Shadow Memory

Immersive digital art project inviting users into the urban unknown.

Shadow Memory: the world's first interactive art installation app

GRAD is a non-profit art gallery established in 2013, based in dynamic Central London district Fitzrovia. The art gallery holds historical shows and contemporary exhibitions exploring social realities. GRAD's aim was to create the world's first interactive art installation to challenge preconceptions of London through an innovative mobile app that invites you to step off the beaten track and head into the urban unknown.


GRAD London required a team based in London to take over the design and development of their app to overcome the communication issues they were having with a team based abroad. As well as this, GRAD was seeking out an agency who could work to a tight timescale, updating the app with 7 new routes as well as new functionality and design in time for the launch event 'Art Night 2018' which was already set in motion.

Red C worked closely with the GRAD team to redesign seven interactive user journeys that invite users to follow a 3km route through the city to see London from different artists’ perspectives. The app navigates the user through a route via Mapbox and audio, prompting them to complete tasks such as taking a photo along the way.

A diverse collection of digital narratives are accessed via the shadow memory app, each one unfolding as the user follows the route, on foot, through a city.



Red C had regular meetings with the GRAD team to cover the content in each user journey of the app. This included inserting specific images, videos and sounds at certain geolocations. As a result, when a user reached a certain location, they would be prompted by an image, video or sound recording on where to go or what to do next.

Some journeys are more interactive than others prompting users to take photos and record sounds of their own, which they can then save and access later from the ‘My Memories’ feature.


Red C worked closely within Shadow Memory’s brand guidelines to design an engaging interface that would be easy for users to follow and enjoy.


Red C carried out usability testing before the launch event to ensure the app was picking up all geolocations and running smoothly.

  • Images, videos and sounds
  • Record sound
  • Take photos
  • Follow map  
  • Geolocation tagging
  • 'Learn About the Artist'
  • 'My Memories'

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