Intellidrive is a mileage tracking app used by companies with employees driving on the road.

Intellidrive: bespoke mobile app to track driving miles

Intellidrive is a mileage tracking app aimed at employees who drive for work purposes. The app makes it easier to track business mileage and separate it from personal mileage. Intellidrive have an in-house team of developers who approached Red C to design an engaging and intuitive interface as well as a brand for their startup company.


Every day, there are thousands of drivers out on the road in the UK making deliveries or moving from site to site for work. These drivers have had no simple way of tracking their business mileage on a daily basis and separating it from their personal mileage. This means businesses lose out on potential tax savings as not all business mileage can be claimed.

Intellidrive uses the accelerometer and GPS features of your mobile phone to detect when the vehicle is moving. This records each journey in real time using a GPS tracker, allowing drivers' to view their journeys and easily identify and report their business miles.



The Intellidrive founders came to Red C with an existing functioning prototype app but lacked the input of a designer. They approached Red C to design a new user interface and brand for the app, as well as providing a solution to a lack of simple mileage tracking.

The first task was to identify the target market by conducting user research. We collated our market research and used it to create a mood-board of possible design ideas that appealed to the target market. Based on the information we had gathered, we created several options for the app icon.


We recommended an app icon that represented an endless road, shaped like an infinity symbol, which the client loved as it truly encompasses the Intellidrive brand.


We then iterated the sketches and wireframes to map out the most efficient user journeys, before handing over the full visual designs to the client.

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  • Classify 'drives' as business or personal
  • Create different classifications for your needs
  • Mileage log’s available through web portal for compliance
  • Send expense reports via in-app wavier forms

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