A dynamic, fast-paced, native app that processes incoming information from different feeds across various APIs.

IronFx: delivering news to global leaders in online trading

IronFX is the global leader in online trading. The client wanted a slick app that would alert traders of the latest foreign exchange news and events. IronFX needed to ensure traders had access to personalised up to date, high impact market news from across the globe. The IronFX app is a dynamic fast paced native app that allows incoming information from different feeds across various APIs.


IronFX produces a daily analysis of FX markets on various social channels. However, the information needed to be collated on one platform that would be easily accessible for busy traders outside of their offices.

Red C built a dynamic fast paced native app that delivers information from different sources through an intuitive and engaging interface. Additionally, we built a customised backend control panel which allows the client to enter their own news as well as connecting to various third party live data feeds.



Red C worked within the IronFX brand guidelines to mock up sketches and wireframes. We then implemented full visual design and created an interactive prototype that the client could test. Once this was approved by IronFX, we began development.


The IronFX app involved complex data amalgamation across various APIs. Red C created a middleware dashboard which amalgamated all the required feeds, video, live prices and images. A CMS was integrated to enable IronFX to add content which fed seamlessly into the app and can be accessed offline.

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  • News feed
  • Custom made API, allowing users to access video commentaries within the app.
  • Personalised watch list
  • Push notifications
  • Live current updates that refresh every 5 seconds.
  • Dynamic economic calendar
  • Internal promotions
  • Tags for high, medium and low impact news that allows users to easily filter information that is influencing their market.

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