Luvdup is a new app for couples or relatives, enabling them to monitor the balance of their relationship and have fun while doing so.

Luvdup: bespoke mobile gaming app for couples

The Luvdup app allows users to connect with their partners, friends and family to trade, award or deduct ‘luv points’ as a reward or penalty for their actions, facilitating stronger bonds.


As a start-up company, Luvdup approached Red C with an innovate app concept yet lacked an in-house design and development team to bring their concept to life.

Red C built the innovative Luvdup app available on both iOS and Android devices, including a private feed where couples and relatives can message one another and award or deduct 'luv' points.

We created a virtual shop within the app where users can purchase gifts for their loved ones in order to win over their affections and gain 'luv' points.



Red C worked with the brand to create an innovative interface which included an interactive slider, making the app more user friendly.


The app received a positive public response as app users dubbed it as 'awesome' claiming 'I am already having so much fun with it'.

  • Private feed where users can message one another/chat.
  • An eCommerce platform powered by Affiliate Window through which users can purchase virtual gifts for one another to earn ‘luv points’.
  • Reminders for important dates

We appointed the award-winning app developers Red C to design and build Luvdup. The Red C team's input, enthusiasm, expertise and advice has been invaluable.

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