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A bespoke online environmental assessment tool.

MOD: improving its environmental impact

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) is responsible for managing all buildings and land owned by the Ministry of Defence (MOD). Red C has been working with the DIO for over 15 years to provide, maintain and update an online environmental assessment tool used for all new building and refurbishment projects on the Defence Estate.


The DIO manages a wide variety of unique buildings such as Aircraft hangers and barracks. Government regulations require all buildings to achieve an excellent environmental impact rating, however, the DIO lacked a tool to assess the environmental impact of the buildings they manage.

Red C built DREAM, an online assessment tool which allows project managers to answer questions and provide evidence at each stage of the building process. These answers are submitted for assessment to calculate an environmental rating and produce an online certificate.



Red C have been working with the MOD on this project for a number of years implementing continuous improvements. We worked alongside environmental agency 'Enviros' who developed a database of questions and a scoring criteria to assess various different types of buildings. The team then created an easy to use online interface where project managers can view guidance notes, answer questions and upload supporting materials.


We created a summary chart that details the progress of the assessment, and flags any questions which are yet to be answered, as well as a projected score. Alongside this, we built a reporting tool which shows the statistics of results based on the different assessments; in tandem with implementing high level security including an SSL certificate.

  • User manager
  • Email marketing tool
  • Online building assessments
  • Question set manager
  • Statistics module
  • PDF certificate generation

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