Red C are proud to announce that Psyma App is the winner of the UK App Awards 2017, in the 'Health and Fitness App of the Year' category!

Psyma is one of the UK’s first mental health mobile apps to offer psychological therapy through a live video call. Not only does it eliminate time and money spent on travel, but it offers users access to professionally trained psychologists at a time and place that suits them best, be that from the comfort of their home or the local park. In fact, the app was even described as ‘life-saving’ by the judges of the UK App Awards 2017, sweeping up an award for Health and Fitness App of the Year!

In the U.K, mental health problems are a growing public health concern. Approximately 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem each year, and in England alone, 1 in 6 people report experiencing a common mental health problem (such as anxiety or depression) in any given week. Psyma App provides easy access to those suffering from mental health issues and hopes to encourage victims of mental health issues to seek medical help.

Red C were tasked with creating an intuitive app to make the process of selecting and booking therapists easy, through a few simple screens. We added a feature which allows users to have a free private 25-minute session with a psychologist, which has proved to be very popular with our target audience. In light of the stigma associated with mental health in the UK, we have found that this anonymity is appealing to many clients, who would otherwise feel embarrassed or uncomfortable visiting a doctors surgery.

Pysma app means that clients who are unable to attend regular face to face sessions due to physical constraints, can now benefit from accessing therapy online and costs can be reduced as travel is no longer required.  

Red C also implemented Stripe split payments which takes payment within the app for the therapist, with a small commission for Psyma.

Features and Functionalities:

  • Find a Psychologist
  • Psychologist can schedule his/her availability
  • Book appointments
  • Start session
  • Recieve feedback
  • Pay for appointment

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