Sony Xperia

Red C have worked alongside Sony Mobile on two separate projects. The first a trade engagement portal for the new Xperia Zone and the second an Ambassador mobile app to provide distributors and retailers with the latest training and incentives.

Sony Xperia Zone

Sony Mobile required Xperia Zone, their trade engagement portal for UK & EIRE, to be rebuilt in HTML5 for mobile optimisation. Red C designed and built from scratch a fully-functioning site within 11 weeks. The build for front-end, back-end and mobile took place concurrently to ensure maximum efficiency.

Key improvements to the site include: a new notifications icon feature, streamlined registration process and centralised CMS.

Additionally, the site needed an overall design refresh to bring it in line with Sony’s new brand guidelines. The main challenge was delivering the project in just three months, complete with front-end content and a fully functional back-end system for measurement and reporting.

Sony Xperia Mobile App
Sony Xperia Website
"They were very organised and were prompt at working through issues in a language that the layman could understand."

The new Xperia Zone launched with over 6,500 active users across UK & EIRE. Two weeks after launch, the mobile audience for the site nearly doubled, from 27% of the total visiting audience to 51%. Both the client and users have praised the new Xperia Zone for its premium look and feel, streamlined registration process and intuitive site navigation.

The platform needed to encourage employees to ask questions and give feedback directly to Sony through the app.

Sony Xperia Ambassador Mobile App

Sony required an app that allows them to provide distributors and retailers and with the latest training and incentives direct to their handset.The platform needed to encourage employees to ask questions and give feedback directly to Sony through the app.

Sony Xperia Screens

Red C built an intuitive interface with:

  • Status updates - Ability to update status and interact with other ambassadors using hashtags on the pinboard
  • Feedback - Send us your app feedback directly to Sony headquarter using the hashtag, #AmbassadorFeedback
  • Private messaging - Use private messages to share news, answer questions or clarify information with your Area Development Manager
  • Product overview - Ambassadors can view product info for all current Sony products, including the new Xperia Zone
  • Media Content - A library of product imagery and videos allows easier access to media content
  • Downloads - Specify when to download media content under ‘settings’ in the menu
  • PDF content - The ‘downloads’ tab hosts all pdf files in a single location for easy viewing

Over 400 internal users downloaded and registered themselves in the app in the first few days. Sony have seen an increase in internal engagement and users have said the app to be very helpful and easy to use.

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