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Web application 'Talent Engage' is a platform spearheaded by leading IT recruitment agency Talent International aimed at redefining the contractor experience.

Talent Engage: recruitment platform enhancing the client experience

Leading IT recruitment agency in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the US, Talent International aspire to develop a new Talent Engage Platform; a market-first digital platform with online functionality to manage all aspects of the user's contract in one place. Combining the practical parts of being a contractor with unique learning features to help further your career and exclusive rewards, making it even better to work with Talent International.


Talent International required an agency to complete the development of the second version of the 'Talent Engage' platform, and middleware connections to various third party providers as they lacked an in-house development team to carry this out. Talent International required a web application to establish a technical infrastructure that ensures seamless integration between Engage and Talent's current and future front-end and back-office systems. And, to enable a shared contractor (and in time: client experience) for all Talent offices.

Given Red C's extensive experience developing intuitive user experience and complex backend systems connecting to APIs, we were uniquely placed to partner with Talent International to consult, advise and deliver a premium solution tailored to their specific business requirements.

Talent CIO Lance Fisher has expressed that Talent international “selected Red C from a long list of digital innovation companies. That selection was down to how responsive [Red C] were to our brief and the references offered by clients we had spoken to. A significant selling point was the fact that Red C had built a recruitment job board in the past."



Red C worked with Talent International's Head of Product development to understand the Engage platform thoroughly, such as the user journey and customer requirements.


Our expert UX and UI designers created a site-map of all of the screens which formed the basis and foundation for the wireframes. After feedback and review from Talent, we refined the wireframes and created fully designed screens based on the client's own branding guidelines.

Concurrently, the Red C team worked on technical discovery which involved workshops with the client, as well as technical discussions with the API providers, such as Bullhorn, Evertime and Jobscience.

We created a technical specification which documented the technical architecture and the data flow from the third party servers through to our middle-ware, to the Engage front-end online portal.

  • Rebuild the front end of Engage (Version 2)
  • Hosting- using AWS instead of Salesforce to host Engage
  • Authentication- User management and authentication will be built into the application layer
  • API integration/Middleware- Establishing a flexible integration solution that ensures a secure connection with ATSecosystem, plus direct API integrations with their managed packages and other external parties/partners where needed
  • Pay to bill (per ecosystem)- Ensuring Engage will work as the shared contractor- facing timesheet capture and approval solution (front end UI) and integrate with the respective ‘pay-to-bill’ solutions for each region.

Red C have been a great partner for us, they cover the development part leaving us to think of the next phases to enhance the platform. The development process was complex as we had to develop a global platform linking multiple back offices to enable a truly different client experience. We are now going live with a platform that is exciting for us and our clients.

Lance Fisher, Talent CIO
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