Thames Water

A bespoke Android app and web platform connecting remote workers to the back office system, and clients.

Thames Water: transforming business relationships

PN Daly were contracted by Thames Water to detect water leaks in the Greater London area. It was essential that in order to improve the efficiency of processes, enabling Thames Water to achieve government water saving targets, they needed to digitise their existing system. Red C developed an Android app and backend system to manage the process of detecting and reporting water leaks.


PN Daly required a digital solution that would enable their remote workers to record locations and details of Thames Water leaks in real-time to a central administration point for a StreetWorks contract. The system had to be efficient and robust so that all the engineers working across London could be allocated regions to work on and report any leaks found quickly.

Red C worked with PN Daly to build a bespoke Android app and web system that enabled engineers to record problems on London's streets. The team introduced complex features requested by PN Daly such as data security, text alerts that notify staff that an emergency job has been completed, a secure login with backend synchronisation, and complex mapping data of underground water mains.



After consultations with PN Daly to gain a deep understanding of their desires for the app and the Thames Water Contract, the Red C team were able to create an advanced app bespoke to the StreetWorks contract. Amongst other features, the app equipped users with the ability to take photos and upload images within the app swiftly and efficiently, enabling PN Daly staff to document and deal with emergency issues which arose during the StreetWorks project.


The mobile app and web system transformed working practices between the two companies; 95% of their engineers currently use the app and field staff now say they could not conduct their work without it. Astonishingly, since the release of the app data input has been reduced from 30 minutes to 2-5 minutes per job. Connecting the backend system to Thames Waters SAP system through a bespoke API saved the time of several data entry staff.

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  • Data security- time out feature to ensure all data is backed up on a daily basis
  • Backup
  • Text alert- to notify staff that an emergency job has been completed
  • Upload images into the app
  • GPS location logging
  • Data entry including free text, multiple choice and Yes/No answer options

If you need a solution for something, Red C will come up with something for a non-tech person. They’re great at communicating the details so everybody understands what’s going on.

Project Director, PN Daly
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