Thames Water

A bespoke iPhone app and web platform connecting field staff, the office and clients.

P.N.Daly Ltd required a digital solution that would enable P.N.Daly field staff to record location and details of Thames Water leaks in real-time and to a central administration point. The app required a secure login with backend sync, the ability to photo upload and complex mapping data of underground water mains.

Thames Water iPhone app

Red C built a bespoke iPhone app and web system with login authentication using web services. 

The app allows complex data entry involving free text, multiple choice and Yes/No. It also equipped users with the ability to take photos and upload images within app. All information captured is then synced with a central website via the backend server.

The mobile app and web system transformed working practices between the two companies. 95% of their engineers use the app and field staff now say they couldn’t work without it. Data input has been reduced from 30 minutes to 2-5 minutes per job.

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