iOS and Android app built to raise awareness of the millions of people forced to flee their homes across the world.

UNHCR: raising awareness on the refugee crisis

'My Life as a Refugee' lets players contemplate the same life-changing decisions refugees make in a true-to-life quest to survive. The app forces users to acknowledge the harsh realities experienced by those attempting to flee violence and persecution, a unique way of encouraging change and opening up a dialogue surrounding the refugee crisis.


'Every minute eight people are forced to flee war, persecution or terror.' The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) were seeking an effective way to raise awareness of the plight of the millions of people forced to flee their homes across the world.

Red C helped the UNHCR create a true-to-life game to raise awareness and build up a dialogue around the refugee crisis, available on both iOS and Android devices. After selecting a character, players face a series of tough decisions and chance events in order to survive, or save loved ones from persecution. The app revolves around three main characters who have been segregated from their families, based upon the real-life experiences of millions of refugees. The outcome of the quest is dependant on the choices made throughout the game.



The app received very positive press and public responses. An iOS user claimed; 'We all have iPhones and this is a tool capable of many wonderful things, let's come together and take action [...] This app is truly 'an eye opener ... and a wake up call that we can all make a difference'.

  • Interactive stories
  • Time locked episodes- to add to gamer experience
  • In-app donations
  • Cross-platform development (HTML5)

"...'My Life as a Refugee' successfullly uses a unique, interactive concept to get their worthy message across".

The Guardian
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