Conservationist app YoungPlanet aims to reduce landfill and create a positive community sharing experience.

Young Planet approached Red C to develop an iOS and Android app that helps parents with the movement of unwanted children’s clutter to new homes where the items can be enjoyed again, entering a second life cycle.


Young Planet had an existing prototype app which they had tested with a small group of parents. The test proved to be successful, prompting them to approach Red C to design and develop a fully functioning commercial product, bringing their innovative concept to life.


Red C worked closely with Young Planet to create a brand identity that would appeal to parents looking to recycle their children’s belongings.

Once we had created the interactive prototype in InVision, Red C carried out detailed testing with local parents. We then iterated the designs based on their feedback.

Once the iterations had been implemented, we received positive feedback from the client and marketing agency on the final app designs. Red C stayed true to the complex custom design, despite the limitations of using cross-platform technology to develop the app.


Red C used feedback from the client’s original prototype to aid the redesign process; focusing on improving usability by making the app more intuitive and therefore easier to use.

We developed the app using Facebook React cross-platform technology to reduce costs and time to market.

The app has been successful since launch, Red C is continuing to work with Young Planet on a roadmap for future updates and enhancements.


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iOS, Android, Symfony

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