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Android Vs Apple – The Difference in User Behaviour

The vast majority of the mobile market is dominated by Android and Apple with these mobile platforms holding over 90% of the total users. While the demographics for both Android and Apple are far too large to make exact statements about user behaviour, there are a series of trends that are more apparent in one mobile platform over the other.

Core Demographics

Overall, there are far more Android users than Apple; this is likely due to there being more devices from the provider on offer as well asa wider range of price points many of which are far more affordable than their Apple counterparts. Affordability has established Android within many emerging markets such as those in Asia and Africa. A presence within these markets has meant that Android users are – on average – lower earning and less affluent.


An interesting fact produced by a recent survey outlines that personality actually has a role to play in what type of smartphone we choose. Android users are frequently more introverted but are perceived to have a higher level of humility. Money is also a key factor is differentiating these two demographics with Android users frequently having more focus on saving – a personality trait matched by the lower entry costs of an Android device.


Apple users are frequently described as smartphone power users with the average owner engaging with their phone for nine more hours every month than an Android user. Where Android and Apple users really diverge is in the consumer spend. Some ecommerce sites report that the average spend from Apple users is up to 4 times that of an Android user, this really highlights the difference in the spending power between the two mobile platforms.

Brand Loyalty

There are many tech brands that have highly loyal users and Apple are certainly one of them. You’re unlikely to find an Apple smartphone user who doesn’t have at least one other Apple device with the company’s dedication to creating their own tech ecosystem causing many users to splash out on various devices from the brand. Of course, there are many brands such as Samsung within the Android landscape that also inspire brand loyalty but this doesn’t tend to be anywhere near the same level as Apple.

Which Mobile Platform Should I Create an AppFor?

Between the spending power of an Apple user, and the large number of Android users, you should always look to cater to the requirements of both consumer bases when designing a mobile application.

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