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Can Mobile Apps Enhance Your Business Prospects?


In recent years, the world has become dependant on mobile apps, and now, apps influence our daily lives and business processes assisting with hotel bookings, money transfers, food order and delivery and online shopping. 


The value of mobile apps for companies


In previous years, only large corporate companies had invested in mobile apps e.g. luxury department stores such as Harrods. However, in recent years apps have been utilised by smaller businesses that have experienced rapid growth because of their ‘startup’ mobile applications. For example, Uber was a startup, with a mobile app that underpinned its core business offering. These types of success stories have changed how small business think about mobile apps and how an app can help elevate business growth and development. Customers have changed how they want to shop, and buying patterns have evolved from shopping around on the high-street to wanting to purchase a product with the click of a button.


The advantages of producing a mobile application for your business:


1. Improving user-friendliness


Mobile apps are easily accessible for customers to use and provide a great way for customers to interact with your brand; increasing your overall engagement and the quality of your customer service. Customers often feel that apps are safer to use regarding transactions and payments which require users to provide personal information. If you receive positive feedback from your users then your customers may recommend your app to others; helping your brand to grow even further. 


2. Importance of customer loyalty


By creating a mobile app that your customers frequently use, you’re helping to generate a strong sense of brand loyalty because if users have your app readily available on their home screen that will be their first point of call when they want to engage with your brand, services or product.This is because consumers enjoy finding the product they want quickly and efficiently alongside speedy and intuitive payment methods. 


Furthermore, a loyalty scheme is an excellent addition to a mobile app and will significantly increase customer and brand loyalty. An example of a business that has a loyalty program built into their mobile app is Greggs. They offer a loyalty scheme in which the customer scans a QR code via the app, and then receive a free treat after visiting the shop numerous times. This in-app loyalty scheme incentivises customers to continually purchase Greggs’ products, simultaneously increasing customer engagement. 


3. Humanising your brand


A mobile application can offer an additional customer service channel for customers. This gives your customers a chance to provide feed back or inform you of any problems they may have, humanising your brand and increasing customer engagement. Applications can make customer service much simpler and enhances business procedures.


Creating the best features for your mobile application: 




Simplicity is important for any mobile application and can give you the edge over your

competitors because users are looking for a seamless and intuitive user experience. 


Loads quickly


Quick loading time is a key feature of an app that many people forget about because it isn’t necessarily a tangible app feature. Ensuring your app loads quickly will help to reduce ‘exit’ and ‘bounce’ rates by keeping the user in the app. 


Social media amalgamation


Integrating your company/brand social media channels with your mobile application is key and will provide speedy and simple modes of communication between the company and the users/customers.


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