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Cloud Computing in Mobile Apps – Impacts and Challenges

Recent developments in technology have meant that accessing data on the go is easier than it’s ever been. Cloud computing is one of these recent developments and offers up a whole host of benefits within the mobile app space; this, however, doesn’t mean that it comes without it’s fair share of impacts and challenges, something that should be fully considered ahead of making the decision of whether the switch to cloud computing is suitable for your mobile app.

What is Cloud Computing

While the definition of cloud computing changes somewhat with each new update and development to the system, generally it is described as being online access to a pool of resources relevant to your business. This negates the need for local storage and makes it much simpler for both employees and consumers to access resources they may need.

The Impacts of Cloud Computing

It is due to the positive impact of cloud computing that so many major businesses have decided to implement it within their solutions. The chief benefit of doing so is the sheer practicality that cloud computing can have when used in tandem with an app; due to adjustable computing capacity, worrying the processing power will be sufficient to service consumers is a thing of the past.

Price is also a large factor. Developing a mobile app is seldom cheap and you’re likely going to look to make the costs more manageable in any way possible without actually hindering the app. A great way to do so is through the use of cloud computing – since there’s no need for native versions for different OS devices, allowing for the creation of a single app across devices.

The Challenges of Cloud Computing

Since it’s still early days for cloud computing, there are several challenges posed by the system that can potentially negatively impact your consumer base. The most considerable challenge is that of internet connection; since everything is online with cloud computing, a poor internet connection can severely inhibit the user and even prevent them from being able to access your mobile app altogether. While the use of high-speed internet connection is growing more and more widespread, there are still many locations that can’t guarantee stable speeds at all times of the day.

Another one of the major challenges, but one that garners a great deal of focus from cloud computing developers is that of security. By putting everything online, resources and data becomes accessible within the public domain making it far easier for data breaches or hacks to occur. Of course, this is a big concern for many mobile app business –especially those who offer product purchases through their platform.

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