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Creative App Trends In 2023

Creative App Trends In 2023

As technology continues to develop rapidly, the apps thatare available to us today open up new possibilities when it comes to creativityand innovative design. Over the last few years, we have seen great strides in appusability and functionality, with many creative app trends beginning to takehold in 2021. In 2023, these trends will become even more predominant asdevelopers create revolutionary apps which foster collaboration,experimentation and truly unique experiences. In this blog post, we will exploresome of the most exciting creative app trends that are emerging in 2023.


AR Experiences

Augment reality is gaining more popularity as technologyadvances and is now making its way into mobile app design. Home improvementcompanies can greatly benefit from an app that has advanced AR features. Such appsshould not only provide amazing visuals but also support relevantfunctionality, such as giving users the ability to preview how a specific paintcolour would look in a room.

Developers have incorporated AR into their mobile gamingapps by allowing users to interact with the real world. An excellentillustration of this can be seen in Pokémon Go. The game employs augmentedreality technology, enabling players to visualise their Pokémon avatar withintheir surroundings, whether indoors or outdoors. Developers are constantlycreating new and exciting AR mobile apps, ranging from games to medicalpractices, which leads to a steady growth in their popularity.

Implementing AR features in mobile apps demands aconsiderable amount of programming effort to ensure a truly immersiveexperience. Nevertheless, this is a fantastic way to add interactive andimmersive elements to an app, encouraging customers to use it repeatedly andleave positive reviews in app stores.


Mobile VR Applications are Dying

Did you know that mobile phones can act as VR screens whenused with basic VR headsets? With this setup, users can enjoy playing games andwatching content like videos and movies. One great example is YouTube VR, whichoffers an immersive viewing experience through headsets.

The use of smartphone VR technology has dwindled as majorcompanies have withdrawn their support and new app development has ceased. Therehave been numerous issues with mobile VR applications, particularly with thembeing outdated. As a result, investing in a smartphone-based VR headset is notworthwhile. Individuals interested in exploring the realm of virtual realityare inclined to invest in high-end headsets like the Meta Quest 2 and Pico 4.These devices serve as exceptional entry points into the world of VR.


Geometric Art

One emerging trend in mobile app design is the incorporationof geometric shapes and abstract art, reminiscent of the 1980s era. However,it’s important to avoid distracting users from the app’s core functionalitywhen utilising this design style. While it can complement a design aimed atreducing eye strain, it may not work well with traditional skeuomorphism.Designers should keep this in mind when creating wireframes and prototypegraphics for their apps.


Swiping Gestures

The finger-swipe gesture still holds significant importancewhen using a well-designed app. It plays a vital role in the mobile appexperience on smartphones and tablets. However, app developers of today havefound ways to make swiping more prominent by incorporating animated graphics.Furthermore, finger swipes can now be utilised to access extra data orfunctionality, depending on the app’s design. This design trend is expected togrow in popularity by the end of 2023.


Dark Mode

One of the most appealing aspects of dark mode on a mobilephone or app is its ability to reduce eye fatigue and strain from prolongeduse. Optimising your app for dark mode is becoming increasingly important in2023. To achieve the same level of visual impact as the light mode design, it’sessential to customise the dark mode design with a colour scheme that enhancesthe UI/UX while maintaining its easy-on-the-eye feature.


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