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Developing Food Delivery Mobile Apps

Food delivery mobile apps have become second nature during the pandemic, with restaurants and fast-food outlets having to shut their doors for months on end, these mobile apps were the only way for certain customers to order takeaways and support their local businesses. If you are someone that is looking at jumping on this trend, then read on to find out more about the process of developing food delivery mobile apps.  

Keep Updated on Trends

Many food delivery mobile apps have decided to take their advertisement onto social media. With Dominoes leading the line with a bot system that allows you to order pizza via Twitter! JustEat recently integrated their service with Alexa, meaning you can now place orders using voice activation capabilities.

These types of ideas help companies ensure that they stay on top of the pile when it comes to food delivery mobile apps. They are constantly re-inventing themselves to keep their users engaged with their brand. As you are still looking to launch your own food delivery app, you can apply all of this knowledge and information to your development.

Choose Your Food Delivery Model

When it comes to a food delivery model, generally there are two approaches to choose from.

● Order-only model

● Order & delivery model

Both models are successful and have been used by multiple food industry companies. The order only model consists of companies charging restaurants around 10-30% of the order value. Whilst the order & delivery model includes a 25-30% commission from restaurants as well as a delivery fee. The order-only model is easier yet is much more crowded in the market. Whereas the order & delivery model pays out on fees to delivery drivers and carriers yet once all processes are in place a profit is guaranteed.

Locate Your Target Market

When developing food delivery mobile apps, in order to make them successful you will need to know your target audience. You could try to focus on a niche market like gluten-free, vegan or dairy-free foods, this would put you into a smaller market with less competition.

You should clarify your demographic by narrowing down certain factors such as:

● Age

● Ethnicity

● Gender

● Income

Once you have determined your target market then you can promote and provide certain foods that will interest and cater to that certain group.

Choose Familiar Features

As you are looking to launch a brand new food delivery mobile app, you should look to adopt familiar processes as companies like UberEats and Deliveroo so that users will find it easy to transition onto your app. These well known features and functionality consists of Search, Order placing, Checkout and Payment, Tracking and Notifications.

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