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Eco-Friendly Apps to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

At Red C we understand the importance and power that apps have on the world. Something as simple as alerts or reminders on tasks can be the difference in someone’s day. Due to this, we have discovered some popular eco-friendly apps that help the planet, these apps were created with the intention of making the world a better and far healthier and more knowledgeable place. We hope that by shining a light on a few of these apps that they can get the recognition they truly deserve.


This app is designed to keep track of your water footprint and can help you to understand how to save water. It does this by calculating the amount of water that you are consuming and wearing (from rainfall). The app can tell you the exact amount of water needed for certain processes, this means when growing plants you can be sure to only an amount that is necessary as the most common cause of death for a plant is overwatering! This app can allow you to make smarter choices with your water usage and make it more sustainable, therefore decreasing your carbon footprint.


When it comes to reducing your carbon footprint, Oroeco is at the top of the list. The app is designed to raise awareness around a single-persons’ impact on climate change and global warming. It can do this by tracking your carbon footprint, climate impact and general day-to-day activities. The app can calculate what you drink, eat, the items you buy and how you travel from place to place. With this information, this app will assess your carbon footprint and notify you of your personal impact on global warming. It is important for users to understand their own personal impact as this may motivate them to have a change of lifestyle and help in the group effort to improve the planet.

Good Guide

Good Guide is a guide of which products are good for the environment and advises you to purchase these over other similar products that may carry a larger carbon footprint. The app will help you learn about which products are ethical and good to use and which ones to stay away from.

An example of this could be clothes, some clothes are ethically friendly whilst others are made from animal hair and skin. The app is great as it considers all sorts of products including personal care products, household products and child/infant products. It is important to have an app that can alert you to what you are buying as labels and packaging can be misleading!


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