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Empowering Your Remote Workforce

As a business owner, you cannot succeed without a hardworking and empowered team. Perhaps you are a workaholic who is always looking for new ways to evolve, expand and accelerate your business, however, to grow you need the support of a highly skilled and efficient team to help you manage the workload. Read on below to see how you can keep your remote workforce motivated, maintain high productivity levels, and keep your online services working at optimal capacity.

Regular Face-to-Face Meetings

Within a remote workforce, there is a lack of personal engagement as you are working remotely and separately from each other. Yet, with countless platforms and apps on the market that facilitate virtual meetings and conference calls, it has become extremely easy and readily accessible to engage and collaborate with team members. Collaborating with your colleagues via conference calls and virtual meetings can ensure that your team is able to bounce ideas off one another and evaluate ideas and projects to create optimal solutions, mirroring an office or shared working environment. More than this, frequent communication ensures that team members feel that their ideas and thoughts are being acknowledged and listened to, which helps reach solutions faster but strengthens the bond and working dynamic of the team which positively impacts motivation and productivity.

If One Person Wins, Everybody Wins

When it comes to your remote workforce, you should celebrate and promote any accomplishments that they achieve. After all, this helps the business as well as individual team members, and makes them feel more validated and part of a family more than a business. As your team is remote, positive reinforcement ensures that team members feel encouraged and valued, and incentivises individuals to work harder.

Build Strong Teams

If you create strong and efficient teams within your remote workforce then your business will excel. A key way to help your employees build good raptors and create hardworking and collaborative teams is to create separate chats for each team or department, such as a chat involving the marketing team, for example. These teams can run independently building up efficient facets of the business, ensuring that the business on a holistic level is successful.

Provide Mentorship

Now, of course, not everyone within your remote workforce will be able to perform at the same level, after all, everyone is different and are at various skill levels and ages with varied work experience. For more inexperienced members of the team, you should provide them with mentorship, this will allow them to continue working yet also learn as they go. With either the business owner or an experienced member of the team teaching them the fundamentals of the business.

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