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Facebook React

Using React Native, developers can build native apps using only JavaScript. This allows the app developer to target both iOS and Android. Facebook React are positioning themselves as the high performance version of HTML5, providing an alternative that not only claims to improve the app’s UI, but also the development process.

Why use Facebook React? 

Improved UI

Developers are sometimes wary of HTML5 apps because the UI is often not always seamless across all platforms.  React apps allow the developer to render components natively, improving the UI across platforms (iOS and Android). Reusable components also remain understandable and a manageable size at any level of development.

Quicker development process

React apps also react intelligently, allowing developers to see the impact of changes in the code instantly in the web browsers. The idea is that this more agile way of development will cut down development time, freeing up time for the developer to be more creative.

Third party plugin compatibility

React apps also offer third party plugin compatibility, this means that plugins such as Google Maps will use the features native to the phone.


With new technology there will always be limitations and time spent learning how to utilise tech to its full potential. However, the future of Apps built with Facebook React is proving promising for app developers.

At Red C, we are already developing with Facebook React. Get in touch today to discover more about developing a Facebook React App.