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Getting Your App Ranking on The App Store

You’ve built your mobile app, you’re happy with how it looks and how it functions, the next step comes in the form of uploading that app to an app store in order to make it accessible to the general public. Unfortunately, making an app available on the store doesn’t instantly attract visitors and – just as you might see with SEO and websites – you’re likely going to have to carry out some marketing in order to get it ranking and thereby make it easier to find.

The Importance of App Rankings

Quite simply, app rankings determine how likely people areto find your application. If you’re running an ecommerce app, downloads play a key role in how many conversions you might receive for a product and a high app ranking should therefore be a priority. Even if selling products or services isn’t the purpose of your application, a low app ranking will frequently mean that users will struggle to find your application; frequently you will also rank below competitors for specific key terms which is likely to result in users selecting one of your competitors.

Titles and Descriptions

A key part of getting your app ranking on the app store is implementing titles and descriptions. These snippets of text highlight the nature of your application alongside information about your industry; these should be optimised to include keywords relevant to your service or product in order to make them more likely to show up in search results.

Descriptions can be a great way to showcase the features ofyour app and convince users that your app is one worth downloading. Most users won’t read the entirety of the description so its always best to stay concise where possible and offer information in the form of neatly condensed sentences/paragraphs.


There are two benefits to having reviews on your app page:

·        Firstly, reviews help your overall search rankings. An application with numerous positive reviews is one that likely offers a quality user experience and should thereby be located more favourably within search in order to make it more accessible to users.

·        Secondly, users are far more likely to identify an application as being of a high quality if it has positive reviews. A lack of – or low amount of – reviews is indicative of the app not being very popular and may sway users to select better placed competitors.


One of the most important factors to getting your application ranking is to select a category for it. There is an assortment of generic and niche categories on the app store of which you should look to select the most specific one to help ranking algorithms place your application within a relevantspace. There have also been instances of applications getting rejected or being removed from the store on account of them being placed within the wrong category.

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