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Google’s definition of top app developers

There was a focus throughout the day on how agencies can enhance their development practices. We came away with ‘The Outsourcing Playbook’, Google’s guide for those looking to develop an app with an agency. Their section on choosing the right agency, included some useful tips on what to look out for. Find out what Google think you should be looking out for and how we fit the bill. 

Select the right app features for an RFP 

“Working from the goals you’ve set for your project and the related KPIs, select a manageable set of features you want agencies to address in their proposals” 

Here at Red C, we take a consultative approach to the app development process and begin all projects with an introductory meeting to ensure we gain an in depth overview of your requirements. For startup clients in particular, we offer our mobile strategy workshop that covers all basis of app development from your initial idea through to design and business strategy. From the get-go your goals are important to us, are aim is to fully gain an understanding of your requirements. 

Evidence the agency takes pride in their work 

“Look for an agency that can take a real pride in their work. See if they can offer surprising new insights that deliver extra value and align with your core business case.”

Pride in our work at Red C is evident in the dedication of our designers, Project Managers and developers. 

We have heaps of successful examples and we share our experience and knowledge across the board, from startups to corporates. We tailor our initial meeting and proposal with case studies that match your requirements. Pride for our work can also be found in our regular blog posts, here our obsession with all things app related is evident.  

Assess depth of experience, trustworthiness and fit 

“Understand the depth of experience within the agency and get a sense of whether you can trust them. Try to gain an understanding of the culture within the agency and the way they approach their work. See if it aligns with the approaches taken in your organisation” 

Our experience has taught us that no one route fits all projects. We are honest and open about what we can achieve. With over 20 years we have a wealth of experience in the industry, often suggesting clients should start small to get a MVP on the market and build from there. Our communication between clients and the team are transparent, utilising many Project Management tools such as Slack and Trello. 

Determine whether the agency puts user experience at the heart of design 

“Confirm that the agency has good skills in and processes for both user experience (UX) design and testing”

Our in house design team are fanatical about design, so much so they wrote a blog about ‘The Key Principles of App Design to create the best UI possible’ – find it here on the Apps World blog. All our apps focus on a seamless user journey. The design phase is essential to the final product and we dedicate time to getting the initial stages right with wireframing and full visual design. 

Understand your costs, not just the price quote by the agency 

“Get a detailed breakdown of the agency’s quote, review it against what you’ve learnt about them, and assess what costs or risks of costs you need a budget for.”

Again, flexibility allows us to provide the right option for your project. For some of our clients we work in agile way, pricing is determined by a time and materials cost price. For other clients, a fixed price works best and we work out which is best for you. Google are right to point out the costs outside of the quote, whether this is a buffer for unforeseen costs and marketing budget. 

At the Google Developer day for agencies, we gained some valuable insight into the direction of the industry and we were pleased to discover that we match their agency expectations. Get in contact to discover more about the way we work.