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How 5G is Transforming Mobile App Development

How 5G is Transforming the World of Mobile App Development

All modern mobile phones make use of wireless cellular networks to offer a stable internet connection to a user even when away from a router or hotspot. Over the last few decades these wireless networks have been getting progressively faster with older generations slowly being phased out; you’re unlikely to see 3G in use within any major city with mobiles lacking 4G or 5G connectivity suffering on account of speeds. With5G slowly coming into use the world of mobile app development will soon have access to leading connection speeds and greater coverage than any of the previous version.

User Experience

When talking about 5G, you can’t skip over user experience. The primary goal of this new network is to be a far more practical solution for users than its 4G counterpart. 5G offers far better speeds and lower latency which allows for online mobile app access that is far likely to face lag or drop-outs, something key when streaming or downloading large files. In conclusion, the use of 5G within mobile app development will allow for the app to carry out more complex processes to a higher degree of quality.


While you can certainly see some basic versions of AR and VR on older applications, these systems are heavily limited by bandwidth and latency. To build a truly engaging AR or VR experience a stable connection is a must as well as the functionality to transport large amounts of data instantaneously, a feature simply not available through previous generations of cellular data.

Cloud Compatibility

Due to the many benefits that cloud compatibility can add to an app in terms of speed and functionality, many modern apps look to the cloud when choosing to develop an app. Of course, since everything is stored online within a cloud server, a fantastic internet connection is a must. Without 5G many apps might only be usable from within the home (with access to a router) or in locations offering considerable download and upload speeds.

Is 5G The Future?

For the moment, yes. 5G is the latest type of cellular network and is likely to be in use until a different version offering greater speeds is made available. Due to the speeds offered by 5G,it’s quite likely that it will be incorporated across the glove with many global conglomerates looking to make use of this system.

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