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How Apps Can Help Your Students in the Classroom

Educational applications have been a popular topic in recent years with a lot of schools forming larger organisations called Academies. They have more control over what they teach the students, allowing teachers to be more versatile in their teaching style. This lends itself nicely into educational apps where an application could prove fruitful in the student’s education. Mobile apps can not only help teaching procedures but they can benefit children’s experiences as well as parents’ understanding. Here are some of the ways a mobile app can prove extremely beneficial in an educational environment.


Education Apps can be effective in facilitating smooth communication between staff, pupils and parents. Internally, it can help staff communicate and view their schedule throughout the working day. Using a mobile app can also help teachers give students feedback on work they have submitted so they can track their progress and view the targets and goals they are working towards. Externally, the app can benefit parents in receiving updates on their child’s educational development and any school news that they should be aware of. These examples show how effective an educational app could prove for schools and colleges as the entire communication system can be accessed and facilitated through one mobile application. 


Personalised Learning Strategy

Teachers can often struggle to look after a whole class, and tracking each student’s performance can be a challenge. Some students learn quicker than others and it can be difficult for teachers to fully tailor their teaching to each specific child when there are nigh on thirty students in the class. An educational app can help students receive the modified support that they need which will benefit their education. It can also prove beneficial for out of school hours, allowing students and teachers to communicate about homework tasks and extra work the student may receive.

Beneficial for Students Learning Styles

It is common knowledge that all students learn in different ways and a mobile app could be beneficial to some students that respond to non-traditional methods of teaching e.g. direct instructions from the teacher. Some students benefit from visual learning and would perform better with the assistance of a mobile app to use. Educational apps are interactional and engaging and offer a very different type of learning. Students often respond better to new and different modes of learning and innovative methods will attract the students that want to learn and progress. Teachers could also send their students PowerPoint Presentations through the app while in the classroom, allowing students to view the PowerPoint without straining their eyesight, whilst sitting at the back of the classroom. 

Push Notifications Giving Students A Schedule

For all the students that fail to meet deadlines, an education application can help by notifying students about up-coming lessons and deadlines. We have found that students engage with mobile apps far more when they are prompted by push notifications which offer students a far more structured educational lifestyle.


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