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How Mobile Apps Can Increase Customer Engagement in B2C Markets

Mobile apps are an amazing way for your company to increase customer engagement. The app development process is not too difficult and once done it can produce extremely positive results for your company. An increase in customer engagement through mobile apps will sustain more long-term growth in your business and you will not have to paythrough the nose for it! Read on below for more information on how mobile apps can increase customer engagement in B2C Markets.

Increased Time Promotes Customer Engagement

On average, people spend around 3 and a half hours of their day using their phones. The average time spent awake is around 15 hours, this means a full 20% or 1/5 of someone’s day is spent on their mobile phone. This should be music to the ears of business owners with mobile apps as it gives them a huge opportunity to engage with their customers, companies can gain a lot by focusing their efforts on this medium.

Focused Customers

Whilst using mobile app customers are much more focused on your business specifically. It is not the same as shopping online in general where a competitor is just one click away, whilst they are on your app no other business can temp them away. This will also increase your relationship within the B2C markets as customers will know that they can rely on your mobile app to get the product/service that they require. This encourages customer retention and helps your business build up a positive representation of itself on the grand scheme of things. You may also see an increase in your offline shopping as these costumers online will already recognise you as a trusted business and so would be more than willing to shop in your physical store.

Use Push Notifications

Businesses can benefit from the push notifications that are implemented within mobile apps. You can set automated push notifications when the mobile app user triggers a certain action. These actions may include any personal data that the user puts into the app, adding/removing products from the shopping cart, or large amounts of time between mobile app usage. You can enable push notifications on a mobile app to trigger as a result of how the user has interacted and used the app and the data that has been collected. This will further increase the engagement as users will be notified of any important news or products that they have set to be relevant to them.

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