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Important Questions to Ask Your App Developer

Building a mobile app could potentially be the most important decision you make for your business. You must make the right decision in recruiting the best mobile app development agency; whilst acknowledging that mobile app development is a costly investment it is also a very lucrative digital asset for your business and therefore, ensuring you secure the right team is essential.

As a mobile app development agency ourselves, we understand how hard it is to choose an app development agency for your project. You need to partner with an agency that knows how to build a mobile application, has a proven track record of producing high-quality apps and an agency that can communicate the cost of the building upfront. We have come up with a list of questions you should ask your mobile app development agency before signing the contract.  

Can We See Some Examples of your Work?

The best gauge of a good mobile app developer is their résumé and previous app developments they have completed. Before agreeing to partner with a mobile app development agency, have a look at their past work. Ask the company for any case studies they can show you to demonstrate their work or apps that are live so you can access them via the app stores and evaluate the quality for yourself.

What are the Steps that you Take Before Building the App?

Many companies often think about the build of the mobile app without planning the features and the purpose of the app. The initial idea that businesses have may have some gaps that need filling before the idea can become reality. The best app developers will give you some information on all of their processes and how long each stage will take. Each app development agency will have its procedures; however, they should explain to you how they complete the app development. You must avoid agencies that don’t offer an insight into the process and procedures used to produce the product.

How Much Time Will the Project Take to Complete?

If you’re partnering with an app development agency, it’s likely that you’re not their only client. Therefore, you may want to ask for a timescale on how long the mobile app will take to complete. You need to ensure that they don’t miss the deadline, as they may have a lot of work on at the time.

Will You be Uploading the App to the Various App Stores?

You don’t only need a mobile app development agency that can create the app, you need to know that they can upload the mobile app to the various app stores. They should ensure that your app is approved by Google Play or the Apple App Store and then listed as an app for users to download. You don’t want a developer that leaves the project post deployment of the mobile application. It’s important that you look for an end-to-end service provider.

Do you Deliver Long Term App Maintenance?

Once the mobile app is live on the app store, the project/process is not complete. App’s need regular maintenance and updates for them to perform effectively. You need to discuss with your app developer about post launch app development maintenance. It’s important that you accept the maintenance charge, as you will need support when your app needs updates or possible app downtime.  

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