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Key Factors Charities Should Be Aware of When Developing an App

Developing a charity app is a great way to spread awareness and advocacy for your cause, it can help to promote future events and meetings that may be on the horizon and help to create a larger community of supporters and volunteers. It is important to use the right developers for your charity app as some may not have the same amount of experience and knowledge as others. If you are looking for experienced charity or non-profit app development, then be sure to see our page on the Red C website.  

Apps Last Longer Than One Campaign

Many charities organise large events, this is because it will draw more people in and increase the recognition of the charity and influence more people to join the cause. Some charities decide to create apps specifically for the promotion of an upcoming event, although this may be good in the short term you must realise that apps are forever and do not just disappear after its intended event has occurred. The best thing you can do as a charity is to create a lifelong app that you can regularly update and improve, if not you could end up seeing something like ‘The Run For Water Aid 2021’ on the app store in 5 years’ time!

Users Need to Love it

Now as bad as this may sound and no matter how good your cause is, users will not use your charity app if they do not love how it works. Your app needs to be fully functional and easy to get around. You need to think about the colour scheme and try and keep it consistent throughout as if the users do not like the look of the app, they simply will not use it and you will have wasted your time and money.

Speak Your Mind

It is crucial to remember that this is your charity app, and you should have the final say in what happens and how everything is set out and displayed. App developers will work with you to create your vision, do not take a backseat at this could lead to them going off the main cause and leading to an app you are not happy with. You are paying them todo work for you, remember that you have the final say and can intervene in any moment along the process.

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