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Minor Website Changes to Attract More Customers

When looking to grow the customers for your business, you may be inclined to look externally with techniques such as paying for ads, email marketing, etc. While all of these are incredibly effective, it’s important that before doing any of these, your website is fully optimised to be getting as much visitor traffic as possible. Below are a series of minor changes that you can make to your website that will help to position you more favourably within Google.

Colours and Themes

The appearance of your website’s UI plays a huge part in how likely a customer is to convert and return to your site. Some older sites may lack the visual flair of their competitors, something that could negatively impact a customer’s first impression and should be updated as soon as possible. You should carefully consider the colours and themes used by your site as these also need to match your branding and provide a uniform appearance site-wide.

Internal Links

By linking internally, you not only make it easier for visitors to navigate your website but also make your site far more appealing to search engines. Links serve to help search engines understand the nature of the page making it far easier for them to rank it in response to relevant user queries which – in turn – leads to higher search rankings.

Clear Conversion Points

Whether you’re trying to sell a product, service, or just direct users to a certain page, a conversion point plays a key role in ensuring that a user is directed to exactly where you want them. A conversion funnel is the direct route that guides users to this location and drives them toward that conversion.

Filters and Categories

There are few things as irritating as being unable to find the product you’re looking for on account of the website not being very well organised. There are also many users who may just be browsing your website andwithout proper segmentation of products/services they may end up browsing products they’re simply not interested in. You want to avoid this as this is less likely to lead to purchases and may steer them elsewhere.

Social Media Links

Even if the website is the main source of your conversions, you should still look to make use of social media profiles as they can be a great tool to keep consumers engaged with your business while providing them with new updates/information. Many younger generations place a great deal of weight on social profiles and a lacking presence on the leading platforms may cause you to lose authenticity as a business.

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