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Mobile App Launch Checklist

In order to launch your mobile app, it is important that you go through the necessary checklist beforehand as you must take all the precautions that come with a mobile app. An unchecked launch could lead to major backlash or criticisms from your users. This will give them a negative initial impression of your mobile app which will likely stick with them for any additional products that you release.

Test Out a Beta

This is similar to market research, however, it is a vital part of the pre-launch process as an app beta is extremely similar to what the final mobile app will be once it’s launched. If your beta is criticised, be sure to take any constructive points and apply them to the final mobile app. If the overall opinion is positive for the beta of your mobile app then this will create excitement and buzz around your app before the launch and means you don’t have to alter too much before launching the mobile app.

Create a Video Trailer

Speaking about pre-launch hype, a video teaser for your mobile app will bring exactly that. Putting out a video instead of just graphics and text copy will engage users and leave them wanting more, providing the teaser is of good quality. The teaser video can contain the launch date, key features of your mobile app and useful information that users will be interested in hearing. Though a trailer is not a vital component of your mobile app launch checklist, it will certainly help to promote your app.

Utilise Social Media

Another way of promoting your mobile app, pre-launch, is to promote it via social media platforms. Putting up logo’s and short videos across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will allow your mobile app to gain the exposure and promotion that you want before launching it for all to see. Be sure to promote the launch date more than anything else as this will stay with some users and then when hearing about your mobile app, they will know when it will launch.

Prioritise an App Store

This is vital when preparing to launch your app, you must decide what platform that app is compatible with and which one fits better, whether cross-platform or exclusive to Apple or Android. Once you have done this, you must assess wither you want your mobile app to be paid or free. Both of these options have positives and negatives, with paid apps offering higher quality services and little to no ads, and free apps gaining more downloads yet having to rely on in-app purchases as well as advertisement in order to make any monetary gain.

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