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Red C Win Award for The Best Android App of the Year at the 2020 UK App Awards

Red C is one of the longest-serving mobile app development agencies in the UK, facilitating positive change and efficiency with industry-leading technology. We partnered with non-profit organisation the Haller Foundation that has developed affordable, scalable and sustainable farming methods over the course of 50 years to help small-holder farmers in Africa harness nature and improve their yields and subsequently, their livelihood.  The Haller Foundation approached Red C with the aspirations of developing the Haller Farmers app to widen accessibility for the millions of smallholder farmers living across Sub-Saharan Africa, leveraging the power of the ongoing technological revolution in East Africa. 

Our aims for the app were to establish a mobile digital presence for the Haller Foundation and to widen accessibility for farmers with a simple and intuitive user interface coupled with interactive features to optimise the user experience and enhance user engagement. 

The range of information accessible on the app is based on farming methods and advice that has been tried and tested over the past 60 years, focused around health, education and conservation. The “My Plot” feature acts as a visual representation of an ideal plot of land – a map of how your farm should be, using minimal effort for maximum production. The newly added visual aids help to showcase optimal growth and production for users.

More than this, the audio and visual elements available in both English and Swahili as well as the chat noticeboard have received an overwhelmingly positive response from users, as it has widened accessibility to information and resources, as well as facilitated the creation of a network of farmers across various communities. 

The Haller Farmers App has been acknowledged as an extremely ‘user-friendly’ and  ‘useful tool’, showcasing ‘great use of Android features and functions’ by the UK App Awards this year. 

Managing Director of Red C, James Merrix has added; ‘It’s great that the team’s hard work, innovation, attention to detail and execution has been recognised and all for a fantastic cause for the Haller Foundation.’

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