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Text to Speech – The Benefits of Transcription Apps

What they might not know, is that the initial act of turning audio into text is called transcription. Transcription has been with us for a long time, even going back to Shakespearean times, it now can be utilised in a workplace, simply through a mobile app on your smartphone.

Improve Turnaround Time

In fields where audio or video material play a prominent role, transcript apps can really speed up a video editor’s workflow. With a written document, editors can mark sections where revision must be completed all at once and then return to editing. Switching between tasks is a serious productivity killer. With the advantage of a transcript from a transcription app, editors will not have to move between watching and editing constantly throughout the process.

Helps Focus People

In all industries, transcribing meetings and speaker events gives employees scannable records without forcing someone to take notes. This can help with everything from project management to repurposing a transcript into marketing content. Research has proven that visual memory is vastly stronger than auditory memory. If employees are given transcripts from a transcription application of all audio or visual training content, they are far more likely to retain that information.

Increases Accessibility

It is illegal for audio and visual content creators or distributors who work in the public sector to not include captions or transcriptions in their material. With a transcription app, you can include transcripts for all of your audio and visual material which caters to every potential viewer.

Boost the Value of Content

Many businesses use transcription apps to make video content easily searchable. If a video is transcribed or captioned, transcription apps will detect this and can know exactly what content is contained within the video.

Depending on the length of the videos you produce, there may be valuable information on several different topics contained within a single video. Transcripts of these longer videos may reveal some natural breaking points between different topics, so each transcript could be broken up, by an app, into several distinct pages or blog posts on your website.

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