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The Benefits of Serverless Technology

Serverless technology has been around for a few years now, yet industry experts are still referring to it as a fairly new phenomenon as few companies have capitalised on serverless technology and the vast number of benefits it will offer businesses. This new IT phenomenon will lead to a change in computing security for many years to come. Serverless technology is a modern cloud-based model that allows users to produce and run applications and services without needing to have access to the server infrastructure.

Although the name suggests there is no server involved, serverless is used as you don’t have to manage the server infrastructure, it’s in the hands of the cloud providers. This means that all of the responsibility of the server falls to the cloud provider instead of the company using the server. As server management is out of the picture, the company can focus on the development of products and improving business procedures.

The Present State of Serverless

Today, serverless technology integrates with an API or application that depends on microservices, where its code is hosted on Function as a Service (FaaS) Platforms. Some examples of FaaS platforms include Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure & AWS Lambda. The latter is an Amazon serverless computing platform that entered the serverless space in 2014 and is one of the earliest FaaS platforms. The Lambda enables users to write functions in multiple languages and then be used from other AWS services.

Pros of Serverless Technology

Reduced Costs

With serverless technology, you only pay for the server space you use. There are no hardware costs and no costs for when it isn’t being used. This is one of the main reasons why you should think about going serverless. Maybe your services aren’t being used all of the time, therefore, a ‘pay as you use’ model would be ideal as it offers maximum utilisation without paying for space that you aren’t using.

Fewer Things to Stress About

As your server is being managed by a third-party with serverless technology you don’t have to worry about the latest security updates. You won’t have to think about keeping up with the new bug fixes and patches.

Focus on User Experience

The users of your mobile application won’t think about your app infrastructure. Their main focus will be on their experience using the mobile application and the features that are on the app. As businesses can take their focus off server maintenance and spend more time on user experience and customer-facing features of the app.

From a developer’s perspective, serverless technology can dramatically decrease the time developers will need to spend building infrastructure and eradicate the concerns surrounding scalability, a concern that is commonly held by clients.

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