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The Benefits of Using White Space in UI Design

When designing an app or a webpage there is a whole multitude of factors to consider. At Red C, we frequently see websites that try to include as much content or product information on each of their pages as possible to make full use of every centimetre of space, while this does mean they won’t need as many pages to comprise their overall website, it can leave their UI design looking cluttered. Whitespace is a key factor when it comes to UI design and should be comprehensively planned just the same as any content blocks or images. There is a whole multitude of benefits to utilising whitespace within your UI design, many of which add not only to the appearance but also to the functionality of your website.

Content Segmentation

Ever clicked on a website only to be ambushed by a sea of text? It’s more frequent than you might expect and often leads to the user leaving the site before they’ve even read or clicked on anything. There are a whole host of UI design tips and tricks that can help you include all of the content you want without actually needing to stack it on top of each other. Dropdown menus can go a long way in helping with this and you can even take it a step further and have additional content appear when the user hovers over a section with the mouse. Or even simpler, why not use whitespace to split content more effectively and create a longer page that feels far less threatening.

Interaction Rate

The attention span of the average internet user is only a few seconds and if that time is not utilised to win them over, they will likely go straight to a competitor. Correct use of white space signifies different sections of the page as well as any products or call to action points you may have. This not only makes the website look more professional but also makes the user far more likely to interact with the website at some level.


Recent years have led to more and more minimalist websites being created, not because they are superior to any other design style but rather because they are simple and aesthetically pleasing. The sites using this style make use of large portions of white space within their UI design to make the whole website feel lightweight and elegant. While we’re certainly not suggesting that you should go straight for a minimalist site, it’s important to understand that there is sometimes a lack of design is the best type of design.

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