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The Importance of Data Security – Avoiding Tampering on Android

When you are using apps on Android it is important to be aware of the data you are giving away, the perfect analogy is that of the Trojan Horse entering Troy, in this case, the app is the Trojan horse, your data security is Troy and the online attackers and hackers are the Greek soldiers inside. You need to be extremely careful online these days, scammers and hackers are becoming shrewder and far more calculated with their techniques and methods to breach your data security.

Try Adding Tampering Detection to Your App

Anti-tampering is one of the best safety systems that developers can add to their apps to ensure their user’s safety. It is quite easy to do as there is much downloadable software that companies can add to their apps as well as coding it into their apps themselves. If you are a developer and struggling with figuring out how to add anti-tampering systems onto your app then be sure to get in touch with us at Red C, we can help to develop your app and ensure data security for Android users.

How Does Anti-Tampering Work?

Anti-tampering software works to prevent people from breaching the data security of your app users. Tamper protection protects your app from being altered, hacked or modified by any unwanted users, it blocks others from viewing the data of the user from your apps.  This is done by the software sealing your app, like a zipper on a jacket, as well as deleting any modifications whilst they are being made and fixing other times that altercations occur on your application.

Why Is it Important to Avoid Tampering on Android?

As mentioned above, if you do not install anti-tampering software onto your Android app then you will be exposed to hackers and modders, this puts your user’s data security at risk as well as the reputation of your app amongst your users. If tampering goes unaddressed then your user’s personal details like their phone number, name, address and bank details could all be accessed through the use of your app, which is extremely harmful to your users but also poses a threat to your business, resulting in potential legal issues.

Data security leaks have been quite prevalent in recent times with companies like Facebook experiencing huge legal disputes due to 500 million users being affected. However, corporations such as Facebook can afford to pay fines for data security breaches, whereas smaller company facing a data breach, even on a small scale could destroy the business and lead to bankruptcy. With that being said, we strongly advise you to apply anti-tampering software onto any apps that are developed for Android.

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