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Things to Note When Developing a Food Delivery App

Food delivery services enable customers to order food through a restaurant’s mobile app or website. Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat are just a few of the most popular food delivery apps on the market. They have thousands of different restaurants and takeaways to choose from giving you endless choices of what to eat from the comfort of your own home. However, there is still an opportunity for a food delivery service app to launch and enhance your profits, reaching a wider audience.

There are variations of food delivery apps on the market, but essentially all food delivery service apps aim to connect the customer with the restaurant. We should remember that with any business model, everything is moving online and the public wants to reduce the amount of interaction they have when ordering food online. Therefore, a move to mobile apps for food delivery does make sense.

When developing a mobile app for food delivery it’s important to take into consideration a range of things.

Look at Food Delivery App Industry Trends

There are many new trends that food delivery services have introduced to the market to get ahead of competitors. An example of this is a virtual assistant ‘chatbot’ on the app. This will give users of your delivery app some support if they’re having trouble using the mobile app. Dominos Pizza has introduced a chatbot named Dom, this enables customers to order food via Twitter and Facebook Messenger. The chatbot also gives customers the latest vouchers and deals. Dominos has also developed an ordering system via Twitter. Customers need to create a pizza profile on the Domino’s app and provide details such as their regular order and delivery address. The customer then tweets Dominos with a pizza emoji to order. Industry trends help to give you an idea of how some of the top food delivery services in the world are taking their mobile app to the next level.

Decide on a Food Delivery Model

You then need to select a delivery model for your mobile app that will work for your food delivery business and to meet your desired goals. You can choose either Order-Only Model or Order and Delivery Model. The Order Only Model is where the company is responsible for ordering and managing the orders they receive. The Order and Delivery Model is where businesses are accountable for looking after both orders and delivery. There are some examples where the company works with courier and delivery services connected by the app.

Target Market Research

To develop an effective food delivery mobile app, it’s important to understand what your ideal customers would need when ordering food from a delivery service. Once you get to grips with who will be using the product, it’s easier to build the app in conjunction with your target market’s needs.

Key Features

When developing a mobile app food delivery service, it’s important to take into consideration the features you need on your app.

● Login & Registration – Have an idea on how users are going to access their account i.e., email login and social media.

● Order Placing & Checkout – Once the user has decided on the food item that they want, they can then add the item to the checkout. The checkout should include the payment gateway, what food the user has chosen and the total price.

● Payment Gateway – In the checkout section ensure that you have a payment gateway in place to allow customers to pay for their food. Our advice is to choose a third-party payment platform to integrate with your application such as PayPal or Stripe.

● Notifications – Once the customer has placed their order you can set up push notifications and SMS to notify them once their order is being delivered.

● Order Tracking – Enhance your food delivery mobile app to the next level with order tracking, this can help users understand how long the order is going to take and each stage of the process.

Food Delivery Services are becoming more and more popular due to the current COVID-19 UK lockdown; therefore, on-demand food delivery apps are becoming shrewd investments. Looking at current food ordering trends you can enhance your app using ideas from other food delivery services that are already on the market.

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