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Top Tips for E-Learning – What We’ve Learned From the Pandemic

The pandemic has had an impact on everything, learning has been affected more than most as teachers, tutors and lecturers have had to switch to e-learning for a year and a half. Now that face-to-face contact is happening every day and schooling and teaching is somewhat returning to normal, it is important to think about what we have learned from this experience. Below are a few examples of top tips for e-learning that we know from the pandemic.

Improved Communication Services

If you invested in Zoom or Microsoft Teams prior to the pandemic, then you would be pleased with the impact the pandemic had on E-learning. These apps have become some of the most popular apps in the world! Without these communication systems, not only learning but businesses and organisers would not have been able to communicate effectively and efficiently in order to get through the pandemic-learning only worked successfully due to the online capabilities of Teams or Zoom as teachers were able to communicate with students and share their screens etc. So, from this, we have learned how important these services are.

Tech Skills Are Important

As the majority of lessons became digital, it was expected that students would work via computers or laptops and type up their work. Due to this, it was important for people to improve their typing skills and familiarise themselves with working online. This will also be important for them as they evolve into a career as many jobs will require individuals to have proficient typing and tech skills. This means the more work completed whilst students are e-learning, the more capable the person becomes with working and submitting work online.

Being Closer to Family

As e-learning meant working or studying from home, this allowed people to connect more with their families and those they lived with. Despite the difficulties, many found with learning and working from home, the overall experience was seen as a rewarding one amongst most individuals throughout the pandemic.

The Importance of Social Interaction

Another tip for e-learning in the aftermath of the pandemic is to understand the importance of social interaction. Although you could still see someone’s face via video call or Zoom, the pandemic meant that you could no longer meet face-to-face with family and friends outside of your household and because of this a lot of people suffered and felt that their mental health was compromised as they were forced to stay inside. This taught us that going to school, college, or workplace environment should be appreciated and that we should not take face-to-face contact for granted, as although e-learning has its benefits it also has its faults.


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