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Utilising App Clips on the App Store

Although it may not appear to be a unique feature at first glance, app clips could be one of the most efficient and timesaving features that Apple has ever implemented on iOS.

How Do App Clips Work?

When utilising app clips the process is very simple as an app clip is a small portion of an app which allows iOS users to complete a task. The great thing about app clips is that you do not even have to download an application to use some of its features! This works as a sort of browser version of an app. You can only access the app temporarily, however, you don’t need to have the app open and use up your memory when you access it via app clips.

To fully utilise an app clip, you can access it through a link, an NFC tag or even one of Apple’s custom QR codes. You can also open these links through platforms such as iMessage, Apple Maps or just on Safari. You can even scan a QR code or NFC tag with your phone’s camera or NFC scanner.

What Are the Features?

Any apps that can easily be displayed through a couple of context-sensitive screens can become app clips. You will not be utilising app clips for entertainment or gaming purposes, yet the feature will be most helpful during day-to-day tasks such as paying for items through sign-in for Apple Pay, for example. You can also utilise them for applications that you already own since they can take you straight to the certain screen that you desire.

Although app clips are most useful for the apps that you tend to use less, for example, if you have found a video or image on an app such as Twitter or Instagram, using app clips, you will be able to send these videos to your friends and family that may not have these apps downloaded on their devices.

Are App Clips Exclusive to iOS?

‘App clips’ themselves are an exclusive feature to the iOS system, however, the general premise is not. Google has had instant apps since 2018, which consist of the same ideas and features that app clips offer.

App clips load the exact data that they need to function, yet can be cleared out by the user once they have finished with the task. If you want to use the app offline, then you can download the full application as you may not be able to use the app offline, similar to the Google Play Store.

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