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What is a Mobile App Conversion Funnel?

Tracking client interaction and visits is crucial for any ecommerce app. Without its use how would you know which parts of your app are effective and which need optimisation? A mobile app conversion funnel is one of the tools at your disposal that looks to provide information on the fulfilment of certain criteria across the app. Fully understanding the unique nature of the mobile app conversion funnel will allow you to garner additional information on your demographic and client base while also giving you highly-valuable information on the functionality of your app.

The Mobile App Conversion Funnel

While conversion is quite literally in the name, mobile app conversion funnels are a very diverse tool that can be used to track a whole host of things (even though conversion tracking is by far the most common) The way the actual funnel works is by recording the completion rates as your clients meet certain criteria on your app, a regular tracked process can be something such as; visiting home page, visiting product page, adding to basket, visiting checkout page, completing purchase. Through a mobile app conversion funnel, you can better understand the drop off points during different stages of the process thereby identifying areas of your app that your audience may not quite be happy with or could do with some optimisation in order to boost conversions. The conversion funnel is incredibly customisable and can be altered to perfectly track the processes across your app, helping you to refine individual parts of the process.

User Conversion Funnels

The user conversion funnel takes aim at processes that only take place once. Something such as downloading an app, opening the app, and getting a subscription is a prime example of this. User conversion funnels are often combined with repeated conversion funnels in order to track first time conversions as well as recurring processes. Something such as Netflix tracking subscriptions as well as viewership rates for certain shows or movies is a common use of both funnel types.  

Repeated Conversion Funnels

Unlike user conversion funnels, repeated conversion funnels are designed to track recurring actions or processes, something such as an online storefront tracking purchases would be a prime example of this.

Whether your app has a focus on ecommerce or is purely informative, mobile app conversion funnels are key when it comes to recognising the parts of your app that require work as well as those that are functioning effectively. Many popular apps across the world make use of conversion funnels and if you believe them to be beneficial to your own, there is no reason to not implement them.

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