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What’s a UX App Audit and Why Might You Need One?

A UX app audit can also be referred to as a user experience audit, it is the process in which evaluates a mobile app’s user interface to identify any problems. It is an extremely helpful utensil that can help those who are trying to identify any problems within their digital products such as mobile apps. It can reveal problematic areas of which if left un-identified could completely destroy a mobile app in production. If you are looking for developers to run a UX app audit on your mobile app then be sure to check out our dedicated page to this subject on the Red C website.

When Should You Conduct a UX App Audit?

You should conduct a UX app audit through the pre, present and post development of your mobile app, if you are looking to grow your business faster then you will hugely benefit from a user experience audit. Think of this process as a health check up on your mobile app, it can be conducted at any time even if you are 5 years past development as it assesses current performance and will notify you if any improvements need to be made to your mobile app.

How to Run a UX App Audit

The process of running a user experience audit varies between mobile app developers. There is no official set of rules to follow in order to carry out a UX app audit, certain UX professionals go about it in different ways. Despite this, their methodologies are rather similar and are achieving the same goal of assessing a mobile app.

The first thing to do is learn about the product and the business, if you have no idea of the direction of the business then you are going to struggle to find improvements! Once you are familiar with the product you should know its main issues, these could be anything from a poor conversion rate to a high user drop rate. A user experience audit can be tested on users of the product as a way to find constructive feedback and identify any more problems. Once enough data is collected through the research methods put in place by a UX app specialist then an audit report is created in order to present to the business and alert them of the problems and suggest some ways how they can be solved.

The Value of an UX App Audit to a Business

A user experience audit can be extremely valuable to a business. This is especially valuable to the product design and development team as it can identify a root cause of a problem within a mobile app and so they will then know what is wrong and how to fix it. Developers also know to make any improvements and ensure product upgrades and proper functionality. This can help the CEO of the business as their users will no longer experience frustration or confusion due to the improved functionality from the audit.


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