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Why Should You Transform Your Website Into an App?

You may believe you don’t need a mobile app because your website is mobile responsive, however, mobile apps can reach an entirely new, potential audience. Mobile apps are becoming significantly more popular amongst consumers, and if your competitors have one, you should be looking into mobile app development. We've listed some of the reasons you should be thinking of transforming your website into an app.

Responsive Across Screen Sizes

One of the key reasons you should think about moving to a mobile app is that they’re reliable on various different screen sizes. Applications can be accessed simply from different devices, where as some websites struggle to optimise for certain screen sizes. This can hinder the user experience and mean the user could easily leave your website. You may wonder how a whole website fits onto a small screen. The features you have on your website can be simplified for the early stages of your application; this is because 4 to 5 features on a website equals 5 to 10 on a mobile. Overtime, you can offer additional features in the updated versions of the application.

Simple Layout & Navigation

Some websites are difficult to navigate and others have a streamlined navigation system giving their users a positive experience on the website. Converting your website into an app can allow your customers to simply navigate to find the service or product they want. When the mobile app development process begins, the mobile-first philosophy leads the way for the entire process. All of the pages of the application will be designed with user navigation in mind.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Although there are millions of apps on the market today, developing an app is something that will make you stand when pitted against competitors as not many small businesses have the budget to develop an app. Apps are slowly becoming the norm for businesses, and app development can elevate your brand and increase the value of your website whilst improving the user experience.

Do You Really Need a Mobile App?

Another thing to take into consideration is whether mobile app development is a necessity or a desire? You need to base the development of a mobile app on your customers and their needs. Do they need a mobile app to access your products or service? Would it add anything more to your business? These are just some of the questions you need to think about before committing to app development. There is very little point of developing a new mobile app if your customers will be unable to access it or use it. For example, if your target audience is traditionally individuals over the age of 65, perhaps a mobile app will not be the best mechanism to engage and connect with your target market.

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