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Why Your Restaurant Needs a Mobile App

An app could be a hub of information for the restaurant, whilst also offering a strong mobile presence for the brand. For example, you could take bookings, showcase menus and have a loyalty scheme within the mobile application, which could dramatically increase revenue and improve efficiencies and procedures. For example, Starbucks receive 16% of all transactions via their mobile application, demonstrating that customers have already made the switch to mobile. Below are a few of the reasons why your restaurant could benefit from a mobile app.

Simpler Order Fulfilment

As well as generating revenue, an application can improve procedures within the restaurant. A mobile app can reduce confusion between staff that are taking orders and the kitchen staff, as digitising the order process can eliminate the risk of human error and remove barriers that prevent fast moving, efficient processes. The waiting staff can use the app to take orders and then process them by sending the customer order details to the kitchen via the app.

A mobile app can prove extremely effective for takeaway services, reducing human error and saving time spent on the phone having to process orders as customers can simply place orders via the app.

In-app payment/purchasing would be an ideal function as this can ensure that human contact is reduced, avoiding the exchange of money or multiple customers using the card machine, helping to reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

Increased Sales From a Younger Market

It is highly likely that you will see an increase in sales across all demographics by leveraging the power of a mobile application.  However, you will see a particular boost from younger generations, who have become accustomed to dynamic processes and are less likely to expect face to face interactions. An app is perfect for young people who prefer digital payment options such as Apple Pay, which offers a far speedier and efficient service.

According to Huffington Post, young people spend an average of £19.61 on takeaways per week and £28.26 per week on eating in cafés and restaurants. This shows that a large proportion of your customers will be in the 16-24-year-old range, demonstrating the importance of tailoring your processes towards fast service.  

A Busier Restaurant

Mobile booking and reservations facilitated via an app are highly favoured by customers, reassuring customers that there will be a table waiting for them when they arrive. It’s important for customers to receive an efficient, smoother service, especially when pitted against competitor eateries and restaurants who may have already implemented a mobile booking service. Often customers are less inclined to eat at restaurants that only take bookings over the phone, an effective booking system even if it’s on your website will always help you generate bookings.

Showing Off Your Branding

A mobile app can help boost your brands exposure; many people say it takes up to 8 brand touch points for it to be at the forefront of a consumer’s mind. When you aren’t impressing your customers with great food and excellent service, you should be engaging with them through the app. Even if the user doesn’t engage with your app at all, just scrolling through their phone with your app on their home screen is enough to remind them of your brand. Therefore, it’s important to have a strong logo which reflects your brand.

The restaurant industry is developing rapidly, with new technologies being implemented to help both customer experiences and staff procedures. Restaurant owners should look towards mobile app development as a way to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, ease customer anxieties, and beyond that, enhance company procedures.  


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