Fintech apps

Our roots are in the financial sector as we have been creating mobile apps, websites and platforms for financial institutions for over 17 years.

We understand the needs of the financial sector; security, reliability and quality must all be of the highest priority and offered at the highest level.

API development

Whether you require us to connect to your in-house trading system, a third party data source, or develop a new API from the ground up, we have the skills and expertise to create secure, efficient and robust connections between the app and the backend data sources.

Working with your development team

We are able to work with your in-house development team to come up with a digital solution that is tailored to your specific business needs.

Backend development

We create bespoke backends for our apps rather than trying to adapt Web CMS's such as WordPress which are not fit for purpose. We have a huge library of code and use the open source Laravel framework to create secure, efficient backends which are easy to use with dashboards to give you quick insights into your data.

Healthcare apps

With fitness trackers and smart medical devices becoming mainstream, the mHealth market will only continue to grow and flourish. Whether you are looking to bring increased efficiencies to the medical industry, allow virtual consultations for your patients, or invent the next 'big' Fitness app, Red C have the depth of experience to create an industry leading app for you.

Video consultation

Red C has partnered with Psyma to develop one of the first mental health apps, ensuring that help and advice are private, convenient and accessible.

Medical platforms

We worked with Consentz to build a bespoke clinic management platform. Using this cloud based solution, practitioners can conduct consultations using an iPad app. All stages of the consultation from the initial enquiry to managing medication and invoicing are seamlessly managed through the system which stores patient data securely.

Medical training app

Red C worked with Barts Health to create a Continual Professional Development app that enables NHS staff to complete the latest training modules, replacing a previously outdated paper-based system.

Construction and utility apps

Red C has been working with utility, maintenance and construction companies to improve and streamline their services for over 8 years.

Struggling to communicate with your employees efficiently when they are conducting external jobs? Or, are you looking to drastically improve your customer service, or streamline your business processes?

Reliability and scalability

We design all of our enterprise level systems with reliability and scalability placed at the forefront of the process. We have the expertise and experience to ensure that all of your data is secure and that your business-critical management systems remain up and running. Our clients trust our mobile apps to manage their off-site engineers on a daily basis.

Apps for remote workers

Enterprise apps have proven to be vital for companies that employ remote workers who conduct jobs off-site by enabling swift communication. Leading Ductwork specialists Ductclean have found that digitising their internal processes with an iPad app has enabled rapid communication between remote workers and administrators in real-time.

Improving business processes

In the utilities and construction sector, many business processes are still paper-based and rely on manual processes. Red C have found that by implementing a mobile platform businesses will see improved productivity levels of up to 300%, along with increased security and transparency for data such as health and safety forms, audit trails and site photographs.

Non-profit apps

With the average smartphone user spending over 4 hours a day using mobile apps, it is surprising that one-quarter of non-profits do not have a mobile optimised website, much less a mobile app.

Whether your organisation wishes to increase support and advocacy for your cause by enhancing your visibility, or you wish to digitise your donation process to engage a whole new generation of younger donors, Red C can build an optimal digital solution for you.

Engage donors

Digitising donations could drastically improve the donation process. Digital donations facilitated through a mobile app will engage a whole new generation of donors who prefer using their smartphones to complete tasks and payments.  As well as this, a mobile app will bridge the information gap between donors and recipients by showing donors exactly where their money is going.

Apps for volunteers

An app that enables volunteers to find local fundraising events that they wish to take part in, or, an app that embraces do-it-yourself fundraising; empowering supporters with the tools to organise fundraising events themselves will rapidly increase supporter engagement.

Collaborating with your IT department

We can work in partnership with your IT department,  integrating with your processes and systems. Our project managers will integrate our developers with yours and organise regular Scrum-style stand-up meetings to ensure the project runs smoothly.

Flexible methodologies

We can work on a fixed price model using a traditional waterfall development model, or if you are seeking a more flexible approach we can adopt an agile methodology, working on a time and materials basis.

Consumer apps

At Red C, we have been developing consumer mobile apps for over 10 years, helping companies meet their business requirements and put the consumer first. Whether you wish to create a mobile app to promote your product, an app to increase brand loyalty and visibility, or a mobile commerce app, Red C has the knowledge and expertise to build a bespoke digital solution for you.

Promotional app

An app is a great way to promote your product or your business by increasing brand awareness, brand loyalty, consumer engagement and sales. Red C can help you design and develop an app that compiles with our company's brand guidelines and markets your business/product effectively.


M-Commerce is gradually becoming the dominant mode of purchasing as consumers are constantly seeking simpler and more efficient ways to carry out daily tasks. Red C can help you build a stylish, modern m-commerce app so consumers can purchase your products/services from their smartphones or tablets.

Flexible methodologies

We can work on a fixed price model using a traditional waterfall development model, or if you are seeking a more flexible approach we can adopt an agile methodology, working on a time and materials basis.

Startup apps

At Red C, we love helping startups bring their concepts to life. We take time to understand your idea and the problem you are trying to solve, we can then bring our depth of knowledge and experience to create a solution that will set you apart from your competitors.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

We always recommend starting with an MVP. This involves stripping back your concept to its core functionality (the features that will provide your users with the most value and solve the biggest problem). Our discovery workshop involves spending half a day with our team where we work with you to prioritise features and define the core functionality.

Prototype app

A prototype app is often a good way to test an app before launching into full scale development. Our designers and developers will create several user journeys based on the core features and functionalities of the app. The app will not include real data or a backend but the prototype will be made up of enough screens to test the app with potential users, or show funders the viability of the app.

Dedicated project managers

We take pride in our dedication to the ongoing support of your project. We are always on the hand to respond to any issues you or your customers are facing and turn fixes around promptly.

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