Red C has been working with utility, maintenance and construction companies to improve and streamline their services for over 10 years. We have worked with forward thinking companies such as Ductclean, PN Daly and Thames Water to create mobile solutions, providing these companies with a competitive advantage. This includes building construction mobile applications, utility applications and maintenance business solutions.

Struggling to communicate with your employees efficiently when they are conducting external jobs? Or, are you looking to drastically improve your customer service, or streamline your business processes? Whatever your business needs, our construction mobile app development team at RedC has the knowledge and experience to develop an industry-leading digital solution for you.

Want to know more about construction mobile application development? Get in touch with our professional construction mobile app development team to find out more about how we can help your company.


Our utilities experience


Enterprise construction mobile apps have proven to be vital for companies that employ remote workers who conduct jobs off-site by enabling swift communication. Leading Ductwork specialists Ductclean have found that digitising their internal processes with an iPad app has enabled rapid communication between remote workers and administrators in real-time.


Our mobile solutions can bring significant improvements to any manual process, facilitating transparency by ensuring that all data is kept secure and re-accessible for engineers. Thames Water have found that a utility app has saved their employees vast amounts of time, drastically reducing admin time for their engineers from 30 minutes to 2-5 minutes per job.

job management SySTEMS

In order to help streamline Affinity Water's business processes, we implemented a web-based administration portal used to schedule installer appointments. Concurrently, our construction mobile application development team developed an iPad app allowing staff to book appointments and carry out checks, we then synced all of this data together through a central database. Subsequently, the job management system built for Affinity Water massively enhanced the effectiveness of their business operations and the quality of their customer service.


If you have a workforce using enterprise mobile apps it is essential that they your employees always have access to/and are using the correct version of the app, and that your administrators can control permissions on their device and rollout any new versions. This is where mobile device management plays a vital role. Red C can create a mobile device management system that is right for your company and specific business needs.


If you have existing utility or construction mobile apps, which you wish to update, finish it off or need a support team to keep it running, Red C can help. Our construction mobile app development team will review your existing code and report back any issues we find. We can then give you a quote to update your app with any extra functionality you require.

Support and Maintenance

Our construction mobile appplication development team at Red C offers an ongoing support and maintenance contract as well as scalable hosting services to keep your app up-to-date and running smoothly. We offer several levels of support with differing Service Level Agreements to suit your budget and requirements.


Sitec: Fixed-Line Commercial Management Tool

Sitec is an industry leader in telecommunications infrastructure, delivery and project management. Sitec's dynamic, delivery-focused project management provides an end to end solution for the UK's mobile and fixed-line network operators. Red C partnered with Sitec to design and develop a fixed-line commercial management tool to streamline Sitec's internal processes and improve efficiencies for remote workers with a mobile application available on Android devices.

Thames Water: transforming business relationships

PN Daly were contracted by Thames Water to detect water leaks in the Greater London area. It was essential that in order to improve the efficiency of processes, enabling Thames Water to achieve government water saving targets, they needed to digitise their existing system. Red C developed an Android app and backend system to manage the process of detecting and reporting water leaks.

Spark Energy: consumer app for UK's leading energy supplier

Spark Energy is the U.K’s leading energy supplier for U.K households. They pride themselves on offering a refreshing alternative to the ‘Big Six’, providing top quality customer service and innovative technology. We carried out a detailed code review of their existing app and made significant fixes to improve the app’s technology and user experience.

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